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Born in a small town near the capital of Ukraine, Alisa grew up there among nature, having the total freedom to play and have fun.

Her father was a graphic designer, and her mother would always take her to museums, theatres, and art exhibitions since she was young. So the art has always been in some way a part of life.

Alisa’s acquaintance with Spain as a child influenced the choice of her profession and became a translator from Spanish. Later, while studying in Barcelona, she met her future husband and moved there. After several years of an office job, to her own surprise, she began to draw, which has become her main activity till the present moment. The spirit of freedom brought about the desire to create.


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Has Barcelona or any of your travels influenced your work?

Yes, my works often contain landscapes both from my real travels and from my imaginary travels. In general, traveling inspires me a lot. Even a short weekend getaway gives you a chance to relax, reboot, and fill yourself with new ideas.

How have your current designs shifted in tone and style as opposed to your earlier work?

I think the tone hasn’t changed much. I love experimenting with colors and playing with different combinations – this may be the common thing between my earlier and current works. The difference is rather about the quality. I use more tools to make my designs more interesting and unusual. When I first started I simply didn’t know about the existence of so many tools! Now I really enjoy the results and possibilities of working digitally. 

Are there any different styles that you are challenging yourself to try?

I like using and combining different techniques and themes, working with abstract, patterns, and collage.

It all depends on my mood. There was a time when I worried that I wouldn’t be able to stop on one style. But at some moment I realized that there are no limits and that it’s more important to enjoy and let it flow, do what you wish here and now rather than stressing yourself out about the constant search.

What does it feel like to see your art in people’s homes?

Oh, it’s a very pleasant feeling! I’m overwhelmed with joy every time I see prints or decor items with my designs. It encourages a lot and sometimes helps not to give up and keep doing. The idea that somebody felt connected to my design and decided to have it at their homes, offices or hotels, gives me immense support.

Are there any artists that inspire you or do you have any personal favorites?

I don’t focus on personalities that much, I am just inspired by the art. It can be painting, architecture, films or photography. Each day gives a reason to get inspired by something. From time to time I go through Salvador Dalí’s art and his power of imagination, Van Gogh’s landscape paintings, Claude Monet’s Water Lilies series, Henri Matisse’s Cut-Outs, and get inspired by the unique architectural style of Antoni Gaudí.

How do you keep yourself inspired and motivated artistically?

I search for inspiration. I get inspired going through the works of famous artists, I follow the creation of my fellow artists, I like beautiful books and photos. Also I know that in order not to burn out and keep doing my beloved job, I shouldn’t force myself when I’m tired. It’s very important to let yourself enjoy doing nothing “productive”.

I find inspiration in many things such as nature, the day-to-day, traveling, colors, textiles, interior spaces and textures. Inspiration goes together with creativity and having new ideas. I love taking my morning cup of coffee while looking at visual blogs and social media, – it gets my imagination going.

What are you trying to translate in your work to those who see your work?

Ease, beauty, simplicity of the things around us.

How much artistic freedom do you like having when given a project?

Like anybody else, I like freedom, and, luckily, I’ve got plenty of it in this sense, but mostly I am the one who manages my projects. 

What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you?

I am a self-taught artist. When six years ago I first decided to draw in Paint, I didn’t know that I wouldn’t be able to stop creating something daily.

What’s the best part of being able to share your work?

When you share your work and make it visible to others, you have the opportunity to receive positive and negative feedback. Everyone has their own different feelings and thoughts. It allows you to learn and grow, and that is amazing.

What is your definition for success?

For me success is to turn your hobby into a career. Basically, when you can do what you most like, enjoy, relax, while at the same time it permits making your living with it.

What’s a goal you’ve made for yourself as a creative?

I consider an achievement being my own boss, create for myself and realise that my works make other people happier. Also it’s a great joy to see my artworks and designs on the websites of the largest retailers.

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Now a freelance photographer and graphic artist everywhere, Emmanuela started her career as an architect in Rome.

Thanks to her yoga practice, she is in love with esoteric themes such as the Moon, hand mudras, and the zodiac that mix into magical figures. Emnanneula has always been attracted to the organic shapes and colors of stones such as agate, amethyst, crystal, and marble and loves to transfer their beauty into her works, adding graphic details to make them shine.

Get to know the talented artist Emmanuela Carratoni of Cafelab in our first-ever Behind The Artist interview!


What does Italy mean to you?

Italy has always been the home of artists and designers so it can be said that the call of art is felt by many, including me. The happy climate and good food then put us in ideal conditions to create! 🙂

Where do you find yourself feeling the most creatively inspired? 

Actually, we can’t travel (many of my artworks were born during my holidays in Kefalonia, a beautiful greek island) so…now it often happens on my sofa, the morning after breakfast and before starting the day … at that moment most of my artworks are born there!

How have astrology and astronomy influenced your work? 

I approached this type of themes by starting to practice kundalini yoga, a very profound discipline, rich in esoteric ideas and linked in a transversal way to astrology and astronomy. But it’s really a long time, since I started playing tarot reading myself!

What made you realize that you wanted to share your art with the world? 

I think it is a matter linked to my profession as an architect, the drive to share one’s creations with the public.

How do you incorporate your architectural background into your art? 

I really like to insert geometric references and rough textures, like concrete, or more noble ones, like stone or marble in some of my artworks.

How do you translate what femininity means to you as an artist? 

I find that femininity is very linked to the lunar theme and the Moon is one of my main sources of inspiration.

What impact has the epidemic had on your work or inspiration? 

At the beginning it was tough, here in Italy we were after China, the first nation affected by Coronavirus and we went into lockdown almost immediately. It was quite terrible… Little by little, however, I realized that designing and creating would help me overcome the hard time, and so I intensified my commitment. Some ideas for phrases used in some artworks comes from the pandemic.

Are you looking to experiment with other aspects of your life to incorporate into your art? 

I would love to be able over time to share a message regarding the female body, femininity and self-acceptance, I’m working on this …

What does success mean for you? What are your rules for success? 

I admit that it is always really rewarding when people write to you to tell you they appreciate your work, I would like to be known more here in Italy … let’s say there are no hard and fast rules; I love what I do and I almost don’t consider it a job, and maybe this can be the only rule, having fun while working!

What’s your favorite piece?

I am very attached to one of my most famous pieces, La Lune or The Moon Tarot, because at that moment I think I have included something in my themes that has given me and continues to inspire me!

What’s your best advice for aspiring artists looking to share their work? 

Always be up to date on current trends and to be constant in productivity, as in the presence on the web.

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