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Become apart of a community of inspiring individuals around the world.


This opportunity is perfect to share your journey, tips, and bring high-quality traffic through impeccable creative direction. We ask all collaborators to recommend their favorite products to use in their career and share those recommendations with our community.


Benefits for collaborators:

  • Professional Content
    By partnering, the quality of content will increase by each partner utilizing their respective audience better than anyone.
  • Cost-Effective
    Mutual partnerships are an inexpensive way to share a wide audience.
  • ROI
    Engagement the number of times your audience interacts with a page by liking a post, commenting on it or sharing it
  • Website Traffic
    A consistent flow of 2,000+ visitors per month that visit The Fox Shop’s website.
  • Reach Indicator
    Help people around the world achieve their dreams through your recommendations.


Connect With Other Collaborators

We’ll feature your work, bio, products and listing in our collaborator curated collection + blog.


Get Featured in Our Newsletters…

Our emails are delivered to a community of hundreds of every other week. In the newsletter we feature cool products, collaborators and encourage new affiliates to join with a single click.


…and Social Media

We promote these features on our Instagram and Facebook following as well as others interested in your industry.


How do I get started?

  • Select your top 5 Amazon products that you would recommend for your industry.
  • Email us at hello@shopthefox.co with your work / bio.
  • Lookout for a follow-up email that provides more information about collaborating with us.