Curated #7 By Joe Mikoli

Curated #7 By Joe Mikoli

Joe Mikoli is a professional Graphic Designer and a published photographer from Los Angeles, CA.

Joe’s photo work has been featured in Muscle & Fitness UK, Oxygen magazine, PopSugar Fitness, and Today Show online. Throughout his creative career in the graphic arts, Joe collaborated with a multitude of renowned & lucrative brands, personal brands, including but not limited to Team EDGE & EDGE Supps, Body Ambition Fitness, America’s Next Great Trainer, Natalie Jill, Ingrid Romero, Obi Obadike, Phillips & Pelly, HitchFit, Fit Girl Wear, Extreme Results Fitness, Bootoga Worldwide, Fit Mom Diet, and more.

He has built up well over a decade of extensive hands-on experience, that is focused on the fitness, health & wellness, corporate industries, and small businesses.

As a talented creative, Joe has been interviewed by Voyage LA Magazine, alongside making an appearance on his first podcast, Veteran’s Brother last fall. With his knowledge, he has proven himself to be completely dedicated to working effortlessly in achieving all of his client’s needs. These accomplishments were possible because of his ability to combine his skills in leading-edge computer applications such as Adobe Creative Suite, with his knowledge of photography and graphic design. 

Inspired by all forms of photography, especially natural light, and the ever-growing graphic design field, Joe plans on continuing to hone his creative craft.

Check out some of his recommended products to help throughout a creative career:


1. Nikon D750 – Since 2015, this is the only DSLR Full Frame camera I still use to this very day. This is a beautiful camera with great low light capabilities and picture quality that still takes fabulous photos.

2. MagMod MagSphere – I have used most of the flash diffusion products and this is my favorite and gives me the best results. Produces great lighting and quality results.

3. MagMod MagBounce: I love this diffuser for groups of people and events, quick and easy to mount and remove, folds to fit in the camera bag. It provides excellent soft light from a portable quick-change system. Distributes more light more evenly than any other on-camera flash diffuser.

4. Westcott Ice Light 2: This continuous light is incredible. I use it mostly for a photo that casts terrifically soft and beautiful light for closeups. The best continuous portable light I’ve owned!

5. Flashpoint Evolv 200 Portable Flash Unit: Simply an amazing and useful piece of lighting equipment for my fitness and fashion photos. It’s great, small, and powerful.

“Those who use his services can rest assured knowing that his commitment to constant growth and a knack for thinking outside of the box, while crafting visually striking graphics for business branding, marketing purposes, and beyond, will meet each and every one of their goals.”

– Joe Mikoli 


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