With speeds of 25+ mph and a range of up to 30-50 miles between charges, you can explore to your heart’s content. A powerful rear hub motor with grip throttle and pedal assist offering five levels of control allows you to choose how you want to ride.


A built-in color LCD touchscreen allows you to lock and unlock your bike while also displaying speed, battery life and other useful information. Seen and be seen with powerful LED headlights, 360° running lights, brake lights, horn and more we’ve kept safety top of mind so you don’t have to.


When you arm your Flash, it detects any tampering or motion and triggers a loud alarm and a notification so you can track your bike’s location. With the Flash smartphone app (iOS and Android), the Flash is always under your watchful eye. No matter where you happen to be.


To get the most out of Flash you can optionally pair your bike with the Flash app and enable remote check-in on battery, location and security status, personalized rider settings, free software updates and much more. But don’t worry the app is not required to ride your Flash.


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