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Affiliate Program

The Fox Shop is very excited to deliver an affiliate program that works with brands, creatives, and influencers in ways never imagined.

We connect brands, creatives, and influencers directly with a community of dreamers around the world. Additionally, we curate a wide range of lifestyle creations and offer an opportunity to grow with a global marketplace.

There are thousands of people referring to our e-commerce platform for inspiration. This actively allows promoting of products and stores in the following niches. If you sell, use, or support products in two or more of the following categories please reach out to us:

  • Vintage / Trendy Apparel
  • Education / E-Books
  • Fitness Products
  • Hair Products
  • Health Products
  • Jewelry
  • Photography Presets
  • Musical Products
  • Cookbooks
  • Travel Products


    • Connect with leading brands and social media influencers in your industry.
    • Tap into a diverse e-commerce affiliate network.
    • Coverage across our website, social media channels, and newsletter.
    • Grow with The Fox's extensive global audience of dream chasers.
    • Boost traffic and sales with a commission-only sales team!

    Get Featured In Our Newsletters...

    Our newsletter emails are delivered to the inboxes of thousands every week. In them, we feature cool products/products and encourage new influencers to join with a single click.

    ...and Social Media

    We promote these features on our Instagram and/or Facebook following as well as others interested in your industry.

      How do I get started?

        1. Research our products and categories.

        2. Email us at shop@thefoxmagazine.com with your affiliate proposal.

        3. Lookout for a follow-up email within 2 business days that will provide more specific information about the affiliation.



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