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Research shows that using a VocalMist can make singing easier for YOU.


The latest findings indicate that using a nebulizer with isotonic saline can reduce your Phonation Threshold Pressure (PTP) as well as your Perception of Phonatory Effort (PPE), meaning it takes less pressure for your vocal folds to create sound.


VocalMist produces less pressure that means less tension in your singing, less swelling after a heavy singing schedule, and faster recovery times!


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All music stores are NOT the same. Octave values you as a customer and takes pride in having a staff of musicians who are knowledgeable and can help you find the right supplies for your needs.


Octave believes customer service and support is what sets them head and shoulders above the rest and is why most of the first-time customers become lifetime customers. Octave Music has a large selection of music products with value pricing — but it’s the service and supports you will treasure the most.



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