Castries All-In-One International Power Adapter

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This international power adapter is compatible with any type of mobile phones, computers, tablets, digital cameras and a series of electronic products.

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Brand: Castries

Color: Black


  • JUST LAUNCH, New Product Promotion 13% OFF【INTERNATIONAL COMPATIBILITY】- Castries International Power Adapter designs with wide voltage 100-250V which is applicable to different countries’ charging environment. Covers over 200 countries with US/UK/EU/AUS plugs and 4 USB ports, and works in almost all Central American, South American, European, Asian, and Middle Eastern countries.
  • 【SMART 3.4A FAST CHARGING】- Castries Travel Adapter allows simultaneous use of the AC power socket and 4 USB ports, supports 5 devices charging at the same time, with 5V 3.4A high-speed USB ports, max. 6.3A output. The total current is 5A, every USB port max. output is 2.4A . This is NOT a voltage converter. NOT for high power appliances, such as hair dryers, hair straightener etc. (low power hairdryers are applicable)
  • 【UPDATED BUILT-IN SELF-RECOVERY FUSE】- When over-current or over-voltage, the fuse will cut off automatically, no need to change the fuse. Free of worry. Use high-quality PC fireproof material, no deformation, resistant to high temperatures up to 1472℉/800℃.
  • 【ANTICREEPING PROTECTION & CERTIFIED】- There are built-in safety shutters inside the jack field making it safer for children. Protect users from direct touch of live parts to avoid electric shock. FCC, CE and RoHS certified, you can buy with confidence.
  • 【INTELLIGENT IDENTIFICATION CHIP】- Built-in smart IC Chip intelligently recognizes your devices and outputs the maximum current, ensuring your devices charge quickly. If it wasn’t for this intelligent chip, the charging time would be 2 times.

Release Date: 02-12-2018


Castries UPGRADED travel charger adapter, perfectly solve your charging problems when traveling abroad

  • Flame Retardant Material: Castries travel adapter is made of high-quality flame retardant material, resistant to high temperatures up to 1472℉ making it more secure and stable.
  • Built-in Self-Recovery Fuse: If over-voltage or over-current, the fuse will cut off automatically, no need to change the fuse, free of worry.
  • Anti-creeping Protection: With a built-in high-temperature resistant safety shield door, it is safer for children. Prevent direct touch of electric parts to avoid electric shock. It can withstand 6000 times plug and pull out, working time can be 8 years (if 2 times per day)
  • Multiple Protection: There is a safety shield door inside the Jack field, avoid single plug, anti-creeping, safer, also dustproof.
  • Charge Stability: Overload protection, no short circuit, keeps stable charging.
  • Perfect Conductivity: Save charging time, can effectively convert 90 percent of your energy.
  • Compatible with any type of mobile phones, computers, tablets, digital cameras, and a series of electronic products. It is not subject to any geographical restrictions, you can carry it worldwide.
  • Portable: Small size, save more space for you, you can easily carry it anywhere.

Specification & Features

  • Shell Material: Fireproof PC
  • Rated Voltage: 100-250V AC
  • Power Rating: max. 250V, 6.3A, 1500W
  • USB Output: 3.4A, 5V DC (max. output 6.3A)
  • Rated Current: 2.4A output for separate USB port, 20/60Hz
  • Certificate: CE, FCC, RoHS
  • Built-in Safety Shield Door in Jack Field
  • Built-in Self-r