Flashpoint eVOLV 200 TTL Pocket Flash



The unique six-sided shape and narrow profile 22-inch diameter by 8.5-inch depth, provides a big 105-degree light spread in a light, space-saving package.


Brand: Flashpoint


  • Flashpoint eVOLV 200 TTL Poket Flash Kit – Glow HexaPop 24in Portable Softbox – Glow Adapter for HexaPop System to eVOLV/Streaklight
  • GODOX AD200 TTL 2.4G HSS 1/8000s Pocket Flash Light Double Head 200Ws with 2900mAh Lithium Battery Strobe Flash
  • Built-in Godox 2.4G wireless X system,Wireless remote control and triggering,There are 3.5mm sync cord jack and wireless control port to achieve multiple triggering methods
  • With strong power,the speedlite flash head and bare bulb flash head offer diverse light effects.Large-capacity lithium battery pack 8 steps of power adjustment(1/1to1/128)offer better lights effects.Fully support flash exposure compensation,1/8000s high speed sync,first-curtain
  • INCLUDES: Flashpoint eVOLV 200 TTL Pocket Flash Unit, Bare Bulb Head, Fresnel Head, Barn Door with Grid and Color Gels, Stand Adapter, with Umbrella Mount, Lithium Battery, Battery Charger, Case, Glow 24″ Hexapop

Details: The Glow HexaPop 24 brings flattering, soft and rich color lighting to harsh direct on-camera flash. Use it as a key light off-camera, with a remote trigger, or attach it to your hotshoe camera automation with a camera bracket and cable. The lightweight HexaPop opens easily and positively locks to create the perfect reflector diffuser. The ultra-efficient parabolic reflector has virtually no fall-off from edge to edge. Glow engineers use UV-A and UV-R diffuser materials and are exceptionally heat resistant. The internal silver reflector fabric rivals all other flexible materials, imitating polished lame. Your speedlight attaches to the speedring assembly and aligns almost all brands of flashes. The unique six-sided shape and narrow profile 22 inch diameter by 8.5 inch depth, provides a big 105-degree light spread in a light, space-saving package.

The shadows are slight and beautifully graduated. Colors are rich and vibrant without the flat pancake ‘flashpan’ look of direct strobe. Background: The marriage of the softbox to the umbrella. Not so unusual today. But this baby was born to bring joy to all the users of flashes, popular in today’s dedicated shoe strobes, with harsh, sharp and hard quality, endemic of zoom Fresnel panel design.

Softboxes diffuse and spreads light through baffles and reflection, but primarily the light is directly reaching the subject. As the nature of the source light is so widely distributed, it reaches all surfaces with less contrast, filling in details and shadows at the expense of ill-defined contours. Less control of light path – divergent. Umbrellas produce soft focused light from reflected curved surfaces. The sharper quality of directional light beams makes for a more seductive treatment for people and skin tones. Light aimed at the center focal point bounces off the internal surfaces at different angles but leaves the umbrella as parallel rays…