PaddleSmash – Outdoor Yard Games – As Seen on Shark Tank – Beach, Backyard, Tailgate, Lawn Games, Yard Games – Includes 4 Pickball Paddles, 2 Balls & Case



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  • Discover PaddleSmash: As seen on Shark Tank, the fusion of Pickleball & Roundnet, PaddleSmash offers the ultimate outdoor games experience; An easy to learn bump, set, and smash game that Pickleball and yard games enthusiasts will love. Suitable for ages 14+
  • Versatile Outdoor Fun: Whether it’s the beach, backyard, tailgate party, or a Pickleball court, PaddleSmash is your go-to lawn game; Its portability ensures you can enjoy this outdoor game for adults and families anywhere
  • Portable Set: Packed with 1 PaddleSmash court that doubles as a carrying case, a foldable net, 4 pickleball paddles, and 2 pickleballs; Perfect for family games, this set makes an excellent Christmas or birthday gift
  • Engaging Gameplay: Team up and strategize to bump, set, and smash the ball over the net; A fun-filled beach game or camping game that caters to 2-4 players; Score, compete, and spike your way to victory
  • Meet the Inventor: Joe Bingham is the brain behind PaddleSmash! A structural engineer and father to seven, Joe designed PaddleSmash to foster connections between families and friends through sport; Your purchase is risk-free and supports a passion for outdoor sports

Package Dimensions: 165x810x9181

Details: PaddleSmash is a new outdoor game that combines the best elements of Pickleball and Roundnet into a fun and easy-to-learn game
Perfect for playing in your backyard or at the beach with your most competitive family and friends.
Easy to transport: all components store conveniently inside the foldable court & setup takes less than a minute
All orders come with an official PaddleSmash foldable court, 1 net system, 4 paddles and 2 balls
How to Play?
The first rule of PaddleSmash is… Have fun!
More details…
PaddleSmash is played 2v2 (or 1v1) with team mates starting on the opposite sides of the court
A point is scored when a team fails to return a hit (the ball touches the ground or doesn’t make it over the net) within 3 hits.
A hit consists of the ball hitting the court and then traveling up and over the net.
Each team is allowed up to 3 hits per sequence (think bump, set, smash).
A team must make at least 2 hits in a sequence and both teammates must hit the ball.
Durable & Built to Last – Our game is made from high-quality, heavy-duty materials, can withstand significant wear-and-tear, and does not break easily. PaddleSmash has been built to last a lifetime.
Ideal for kids and adults, endless fun for the whole family, friends, backyard party, tailgating, birthdays, family picnics, camping trips, the beach, the backyard, the park, even indoor spaces like gymnasiums!
Gift PaddleSmash to your friend, kids, mom or dad or any who loves playing outdoor games.

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