PK Grills PK300-BCX Portable Charcoal BBQ Grill and Smoker


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Brand: PK Grills

Color: Graphite/Black


  • Portable BBQ Grill and Smoker: PK Grills’ charcoal grill with smoker combo is reengineered with a new Durahinge design offering more stability and features for ease of use and optimal control.
  • Best-in-Class Workspace: Grilling is about flavor. No other manufactured fuel, neither propane gas nor pellets, can provide the authentic grilled flavor of a charcoal-fired PK Grill and Smoker outdoor BBQ grill.
  • Four-Point Venting System: This portable charcoal grill excels at both low and slow or hot and fast barbecue grilling. Unique capsule shape with four vents for heat control. Enjoy charred meats, burgers, brisket, ribs, and steak on PK’s charcoal grill and smoker grill.
  • Three Inches Taller: The BBQ smoker has an upgraded design that features a 3-inch taller height, ​​a proprietary shape ideal for 2-zone cooking plus a hinged cooking grid for easy coal management.
  • Wide Cooking Surface: With 300 square inches of cooking area and a removable fuel door, this charcoal BBQ grill is built to handle everything from brats to a Thanksgiving turkey.

Dimensions: 16.21 x 42.75 x 37.35 inches

Details: Dubbed the “New Original” because at the heart of its upgraded retro architecture, the grill embodies the spirit and pure cooking simplicity of the very first cast aluminum PK Grill to come out of its mold in 1952. Still built to cook. Still built to last. As always, 100% Original.

UPC: 673632593006