Pluto Trigger



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Brand: Pluto

Color: Black


  • Versatile: 24 Modes; Controlled by Smartphone over Bluetooth; Compatible with iPhone 4s or later, iPad 3 or later, iPad Mini, Android 4.3 with Bluetooth 4.0 LE or later
  • Remote Shutter Release and Intervalometer: Timelapse, HDR, Startrail, Video, Timer
  • High-Speed Photography and Camera Trap: Sound, Light, Lightning, Infrared, Droplet, Aux, Fusion
  • Smart Trigger: Sound, Vibrate, Motion, Distance, Voice and Smile

Dimensions: 2.36 x 1.57 x 0.79 inches


Shutter Release: Single, Focus, Hold, Lock, Bulb, Burst, Timed
Timelapse: Start-Delay, Presets, Bulb-Ramping
HDR: Up to 19 HDR images (Fastest shutter speed is limited to 1/20)
Star-trail: Multiple long-exposure images
Video: Restart video recording automatically if exceed 30 minutes limit
Timer: Take photos/video during certain hours each day, e.g. infrastructure construction, plants Pluto Sensors
Laser: Delay of only tens of microseconds, Shutter/Flash method (Not working in daylight)
Sound: 1ms fast response, Explosions, Popping balloons, Shutter/Flash method
Light: Bright/dark trigger
Lightning: Detect lightning strikes, Adjustable sensitivity
Infrared: Wildlife, passerby
Droplet: Water drop collision (Pluto Valve required)
Aux: DIY sensors, e.g. Ultrasound sensor, motion detection sensor
Fusion: Sensor combination Smart Sensors
Sound Trigger
Vibrate or Shake
Motion Detection: Zoom, Front/back Camera, Sensitivity
Distance: GPS trigger
Voice Command: Say “Pluto” – Smile Detection: Selfie (iOS only) Tools
Depth of Field Calculator: DOF, Hyper Focal Distance
Neutral Density Filter Calculator: Exposure time with ND Filter
Solar Calculator: Sunrise and Sunset, Civil Twilight, Count down
Star-scape Rule: 500 Rule for trail-free star photo

Box Contents:

1. Pluto Trigger
2. Light Module
3. Flash PC Sync Cable
4. USB Cable
5. Hotshoe Adaptor (Non-standard Sony hotshoe needs a separate converter)

Note 1. Please order the correct cable for your camera: amazon.com/shops/plutotrigger 2. USB charger is not provided. Use any USB charger to recharge the trigger 3. Any questions (Bluetooth, camera triggering and etc.), email info@plutotrigger.com before return.