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92" Widescreen Virtual Video Glasses with HDMI and 3D


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The Zetronix z920VGHD video glasses provide an amazing and immersive 92" virtual display allowing you to watch anything you want in 100% privacy.  Brand New for 2016, the picture is displayed right in front of your eyes as a virtual big screen. Connect the glasses to a variety of devices such you're laptop's or computer's HDMI out, phone's mini HDMI port, your cable Box, DVD Player, the possibilities are endless. Seamless support for 1080P HD input signal. Side-by-Side 3D content take you into a whole other dimension of audiovisual experience. The applications and possibilities are countless.

Suggested Uses

  • Keep your patients entertained and calm - studies have discovered that patients that are getting procedures done are more happy, calm and less anxious that are entertained by video glasses.  Happier patients give better Yelp reviews and are more likely to give referrals. 
  • Watch TV while your spouse or partner is asleep - Watch shows or movies in 100% privacy while your loved one is sleeping next to you, never have to worry about waking them up or disturbing them with sound or light pollution.
  • Watch Your TV in Private - We all have shows or movies that we are watching in public on a plane or train that we do not necessarily want people around us to see.  These glasses give you a 100% private theater experience no matter where you are.
  • Great for Kids - Kids love to be entertained with shows, movies or games.  Don't let your kids take up your family room TV with their shows, watch what you want and let your kids play Xbox or Play Station while you are with them.


Main Features

  • 92" Virtual Screen Display for 10 Feet Away
  • Support up to 1080p Full HD Resolution 
  • HDMI, Mini HDMI, MicroHDMI, MHL Connection included(works with almost any device) 
  • Compatible with iPhone/iPod and Wii with extra accessories (Not Included)
  • True 3D mode for Side-by-Side 3D Games and Video Feed
  • Up to 1080p Full HD input resolution
  • Eye patches included to block liigh in any lighting condition
  • Flexible and removable Arms & interchangeable head straps for kids and adults of all shapes and sizes
  • Hight Resolution Display (854x480)
  • Compatible with PC, Mac, Tablets, Smartphones, Blu-Ray/DVD, Android, Microsoft & iOS
  • Ultra Light (4 OZ)



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