Eco-Friendly Gifts For The Conscious Traveler

Eco-Friendly Gifts For The Conscious Traveler

Being conscious of your carbon footprint is the first step in reducing it and while packaged gifts might not leave a huge mark, all those small things do add up.

Anyone can reduce what ends up in a landfill by recycling, composting, or buying products with less packaging. You can take the added step of buying items from companies that emphasize their carbon footprint. While all of the details may not be listed, there are brands that are going the extra mile to reduce their carbon footprint like the ones listed below.


The beauty industry creates 120 billion units of packaging waste every year. Most of that is plastic that ends up in landfills and eventually turns into microplastics that end up in our oceans. Did you know most plastic you put in a recycling bin isn’t recycled? That’s because those pretty, squeezable, portable, and generally easy-to-use beauty products are just too difficult and costly for facilities to recycle, so they just end up in a landfill and eventually our oceans. Say, you toss your empty lipstick tube in your recycling bin. Eventually, this lipstick tube ends up in a landfill, where it never really decomposes, it just breaks up into smaller pieces.

Over time, sun and heat slowly turn this plastic lipstick tube into microplastics (i.e. fragments of plastic smaller than five millimeters in diameter) and contaminate the oceans, drinking water, and the global food supply. That’s why Axiology is committed to creating 100% plastic-free, vegan, cruelty-free beauty products.


As a global citizen, ZAGG is changing the way people think, design, produce, and package. Forming partnerships that help maximize their efforts, they’re creating solutions that benefit consumers and the planet. Did you know that annually 400 million tons of plastic are produced across the globe? And did you know that roughly 50% of the plastic that we waste comes from packaging in the form of single-use plastics? At ZAGG, they felt this was an area in which they could have a big, positive impact.

ZAGG designers went to work to create recyclable and sustainable packaging options. Gear4 case packaging is now 100% recyclable – that includes plant-based inks. In the InvisibleShield packaging, they’ve replaced plastic components, like the plastic container and hang tag, with recyclable paper counterparts. As a result of their efforts, ZAGG has eliminated over 1.7 million lbs. of single-use plastics annually.

Skor Shoes

Every SKOR shoe starts with a high-quality, reactive, energy-absorbing polymer elastomeric foam that delivers a bounce you can physically feel in every step. The outsole is sealed with a skid-resistant layer that helps to keep grip in any condition- wet or dry. The shoe is then covered in a flexible knit material for ultimate breathability plus a comfortable, consistent fit that truly lasts. The rest? Well, that’s up to you.

A killer combo of a lightweight knit material and high-quality polymer elastomeric foam makes our soles soft – it’s easy to forget you’re wearing shoes. The foam sole’s close-cell technology makes the sneakers completely reactive and energy-absorbing. The result? The unforgettable feeling of walking on clouds. Their shoes are completely machine-washable and fade-resistant. The flexible knit material provides ultimate breathability so that your feet stay cool no matter what you’re doing.

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