Go Sockless With LONO: The Ultimate Sneaker To Simplify An Active Lifestyle

Go Sockless With LONO: The Ultimate Sneaker To Simplify An Active Lifestyle

Leveraging all-natural, organic materials, LONO is the insanely breathable and comfortable shoe with the convenience and freedom of a flip flop but the look and support of a sneaker.

Go sockless in total comfort with LONO, the ultimate vegan, eco-friendly, insanely breathable sneaker designed to mimic the connection between the human body and nature. When going barefoot isn’t possible or practical, step confidently with LONO.

Today’s casual shoes aren’t nearly breathable enough for the lives people lead. Whether running errands, walking dogs, taking kids to the park, exploring their neighborhoods, or heading to and from activities like yoga classes, sporting events, and other events that require a change of shoes, current footwear options miss the mark.

LONO is the ultimate casual shoe. Made from all-natural, organic materials, and modern technology, LONO sneakers are meant to be worn sockless. They keep feet cool and crisp no matter the occasion. For those who prefer to be barefoot, but recognize it isn’t always practical or possible, LONO provides the same level of comfort with the security of a shoe.

“Shoe brands across the world are turning to sustainable materials, but misusing them for the purpose of marketing, whereas LONO is maximizing the potential and properties of these organic materials and translating them into shoes with remarkable functionality,” said Ben Hui, Founder of LONO. “LONO is the perfect ‘pre-game’ shoe. Take it easy with LONO and wear them to take a walk or when the final destination – like yoga class or sports practice – requires a change in footwear.

LONO takes its inspiration from the first known human shoes: sagebrush bark sandals. Modern manufacturing technology enables the team to turn tree bark into fine yarn which becomes the shoe’s zero-waste flyknit upper. This yarn is soft and quick-drying, more so than its wool counterparts. An AIRSIP mesh pattern creates significant airflow throughout the shoe and also provides the right balance of stretch and security for every step. LONO also features ELASLET, an elastic fixed on the top eyelet of the shoe providing stretch for easy slip in and out without the need to adjust the laces.

For those who still prefer socks, LONOs witty invention of the SOLESOCK, a sock for the insole, is designed for users to easily swap when it gets dirty. LONOs are vegan footwear for conscious consumers who refuse to sacrifice on comfort or quality.

Making shoes is in Ben Hui’s blood. The grandson of a shoe manufacturer in Hong Kong, Ben followed in familiar footsteps and began working in the footwear industry 10 years ago. After seeing the industry’s reliance on low-quality, high-volume production with detrimental environmental impacts, he decided to do it better. By taking inspiration from the first known shoes in human history, Ben applied the benefit of modern technology to create LONO – comfortable, casual, and vegan shoes designed for life.

The name Lono came from the Hawaiian deity associated with agriculture, music, and peace, representing life itself without compromises.

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