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Looking to shift to healthy eating and don’t know where to start? Begin with snacks.

Here are three snacks you might consider to begin a clean and lean diet. Plus, they’re quick and act as a good side to any meal.

Clear those pantries and try these light snacks this week.

1. Clean Snacking: ALOHA Snacks

ALOHA is the bottom line for healthy plant-based foods, snacks & meal replacements.

They don’t have artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors in their products because —surprise!— they taste artificial. Instead, ALOHA relies on simple, quality, all-natural ingredients that taste as good as they are good for you. If you’re looking for clean organic plant-based protein bars, shakes, and powders with nothing artificial, look no further than ALOHA. The brand has recently partnered with peloton instructor Kendall Toole on their latest snack collaboration.

2. Granola With Intention: GrandyOats

GrandyOats has made a promise to its family of workers and its customers with their #RealGranolas.

Located in Hiram, Maine, GrandyOats’ community is home to local business partners who serve dedicated customers committed to living a natural, healthy, and intentional lifestyle. They offer everything from grain-free granola, oat-based granola to trail mix, roasted nuts, and more! In addition, they’ve been actively supporting environmental organizations, trail groups, and educational outreach since 1979. Win-win.

GLuten-Free and Vegan? Get Craize

Need a light snack with a bold crunch? Go and get Craize.

Created by previous architect Leo Totter who decided to go after his real passion (the culinary arts), the perfect formula was found transforming from a culturally relevant Latin food into an everyday snack cracker. Wafer-thin, crunchy-bites of authentic goodness, the original Craize Snack Cracker is a roasted corn-cracker based on the arepa! A Craize cracker is the evolution of a basic staple that enhances today’s lifestyle: gluten-free, vegan, kosher, and most of all tasty. The question Craize asks us is: Can we stop at just one?

Eat Italian: Tuscanini Parchment Crackers

Tuscanini offers a variety of different products, but their Olive Crackers is *chef’s kiss*.

Served as a light snack before the real Italian dinner, Tuscanini crackers are made from authentic Italian recipes using time-honored techniques that preserve their delicate flavor and texture. They are baked, hand-made paper-thin, imported from Sardinia, Italy, and come with three Italian recipes including Olive Oil. These crackers go very well alongside a pasta dinner with wine.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. You just have to start. Start small. Enjoy.

Food is such an important part aspect of our life and it’s important to focus on what you eat.

We’ve prepared a shopping guide for your next grocery trip that will make you age like Angela Bassett!

1. Aloe Vera:

Forget botox, Aloe vera increases collagen production 100% naturally for a youthful, wrinkle-free complexion and plump, beautiful skin. The ultimate botox alternative!

The inner gel of the aloe vera leaf contains around 200 active compounds with over 75 nutrients. These include 20 minerals, 18 amino acids and 12 vitamins (even vitamin B12 – one of the very few plant sources of this vitamin). Aloe vera also has anti-microbial properties fighting fungi and bacteria and houses anti-inflammatory plant steroids and enzymes. Aloe vera is known to aid digestion and elimination, boost the immune system, and be highly effective at healing, moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin, naturally stimulating the production of collagen.

Aloe vera is best eaten fresh when possible (you can order large aloe vera leaves which last a few weeks refrigerated). Scrape out the inside gel, avoiding the outside of the leaf which is a strong laxative, and blend with fruit for the ultimate beautifying smoothie. Aloe vera has a mild flavor though a slightly bitter edge hence it is best combined with fruit.

2. Avocados:

Avocados are smoothing and softening for the skin and easily absorbed; compared with almond, corn, olive, and soybean oils, avocado oil has the highest skin penetration rate.

Avocado also contains vitamin E (excellent for the skin), antioxidant carotenoids and the master antioxidant glutathione that is exceptionally powerful and has anti-carcinogenic potential. High levels of glutathione are found in the liver where the elimination of toxic materials takes place.

Glutathione is effective against pollutants such as cigarette smoke and exhaust fumes as well as ultra-violet radiation. Research is currently exploring the potential benefits of glutathione for numerous conditions including cancer, heart disease, memory loss, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, eczema, liver disorders, heavy metal poisoning, and AIDS.


3. Chlorella:

The nucleic acids RNA and DNA in Chlorella (one of the highest known sources of such) direct cellular growth and repair and enable our bodies to utilize nutrients more effectively, eliminate toxins and avoid disease.

The production of nucleic acids in the body declines progressively as we age, which is no doubt why their intake is recommended by Dr. Benjamin Frank in ‘The No-Aging Diet’. Paul Pitchford in ‘Healing With Whole Foods’ writes that ‘insufficient nucleic acid causes premature aging, as well as weakened immunity’, Research at the Medical College of Kanazawa in Japan, found that mice that were fed chlorella had a 30 percent increase in lifespan. Replenishing RNA and DNA can be key to overall health, immunity, and longevity.

In addition to nucleic acids, chlorella is jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, and amino acids, making it an incredibly rejuvenating and health-promoting superfood. Spirulina is a virtuous equivalent.


4. Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil speeds up your metabolism and can actually help you lose weight. It is also incredibly beautifying and moisturizing for the skin and has antioxidant properties that protect against free-radical damage, keeping the skin youthful and healthy.

Taken internally or externally coconut oil is a great ally for any beauty skincare regime. It also contains lauric acid, an anti-microbial fatty acid that kills bacteria, viruses and fungi.


Stay young forever with these suggested superfoods!