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Lenny Vuitton is truly a dreamer; from inside his surreal conscious out fly creatures with three eyes and slimey noses turning into elaborate doodles and garments.

Lenny Vuitton takes a daring yet exciting approach in his mission to dismantle society’s expectations. A lifestyle brand that unifies art and fashion while drawing relations to every aspect of life; offering a variety of products from painted furniture and abstract sculptures to crazy swag. This cult-like lifestyle is truly a FUCK YOU to the standard fashion industry and in the bigger picture, society. Lenny Vuitton creates inspiration for those who want to escape reality.

Being a graffiti artist, Lenny is inspired by dismantling and recreating; taking common iconography and remixing it as his own. Something about doing what’s provocative or different is so enticing to people.

Check out some of his recommended products to help throughout uncanny fashion career:


1. VEVOR Flash Dryer: Screen Printing Equipment: Used to Heat Shirts and dry the plastisol paint used to screenprint on them. Needed to dry paint that I use, plastisol does not air dry.

2. Aluminum Screen Printing Frames: Used to hold the artwork/ designs that I used for my screen printed clothes and artwork, I also get custom screens made from ANTHEM SCREEN PRINTING. This cuts time and works on creating my screens when not able to burn my own screens.

3. Ecotex Red NP Plastisol Ink For Screen Printing: Used for screen printing, better than water-based paints, leaves a plastic texturization on the garments rather than seeping into the textile. Plastic like texture that sits on top of shirt/ vinyl-like.

4. Miniature Paint Brushes Detail Set: Used for painting on canvas and clothing, I tend to include a lot of small fine details in my work; so a small brush is essential. I like to create little things that may not be noticeable at first, then as time goes on the wearer or observer will notice more and more detail. Like a gift that doesn’t stop giving, there is always something new found in my work to entertain.

5. Montana BLACK 400ml Popular Colors Set of 12: Used to spray paint various mediums, clothes, canvas, walls, etcetera. Considering I destroy/dismantle anything in my reach with my creations, I use spray paint for pretty much anything.

“The rush feels when others are observing or gawking at you while being different is compelling.”

– John Lenahan



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