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The Fox Magazine

Discover the most inspiring photographers, cameras, and photos from around the globe.

Within the 60-page spread, you will find brilliant and colorful photography. This special issue features world-class photographers: Jake Matthews, Ivan Wong, Zach Boisjoly, DeAndre Holland, Natasha Perez, Alejandro Veliz, Joanna Kalafatis, Erick Ramer, Juuso Hamalainen, and our very own, Mike Fox.

The Food Issue recognizes the importance of seasonal eating just in time for Spring.

From blueberries to the Salmon Cilantro Burger, these foods will boost your mood, energy, metabolism, and memory while also enjoying stunning visuals.

Ever got goosebumps when listening to your favorite music?

It turns out that it’s not the type of music that dictates whether you’ll get chills, but how much you’re into it, and more often than not it’s because of a story. This philosophy leads to the creation of the music issue, discovering the most inspirational emerging artists and their stories of how they got where they are now.

The Fox Magazine is excited to offer cutting-edge travel information so that you can take pleasure in discovering off-the-grid destinations from around the globe.

Offering a fresh and unique perspective in the form of travel essays and in-depth interviews with travel bloggers that go beyond the guidebook.

Sharing the best affordable trends seen in stores and on the runways.

Discover which colors and styles work best for autumn, and how to pair them with the coolest accessories while adding a brilliant pop of color.

Presenting the future of technology for dreamers who hope to innovate better tools and for the mainstream people who hope to benefit from the new and improved.

The Special Edition Issue tells a visual story of the most inspiring people, trends, products, and events of 2017 selected by The Fox Magazine’s readers & founder – Mike Fox.

Everything is blooming, when there’s new growth bursting all over, everything fresh and green, the world shows you it is most alive.

This issue showcases new growth, opportunity & improvement at the highest levels of creativity. Exploring the lives of inspiring entrepreneurs, brands, and creatives around the world – bound to leave you inspired for time to come.

This issue will require you to take your time, be conscious and absorb the content in front of you.

It only takes a moment for everything to change.

This issue will require you to take your time, be conscious and absorb the content in front of you.

It only takes a moment for everything to change.


Stay ahead of the curve when it comes to modern experiences, life-hacking apps, and innovative products in this new age of tech.

Being timeless sounds simple and easy, but is without a doubt one of the hardest labels to achieve. This issue explores timeless fashion across the globe.

2019 is sure to be one of the biggest years in music. New platforms allow music listeners to be more involved in an artist’s success than ever before.

Natural light photography records an image using the light that exists all around us already but creating a photograph that’s memorable is the real challenge.