Curated #4 By Alana McKinney

Curated #4 By Alana McKinney

Alana McKinney is a blogger and budding photographer born and raised just outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

She is the owner and principal blogger of SolelyLiving.com, an advice blog for other millennial women who feel lost at any given time on their journey through adulthood. She writes to share a candid, down-to-earth perspective on the adulting dilemmas of millennial women. (Because she knows what it’s like to have your expectations not match your reality.)

The blog represents the ambitious fempreneur, the over-stressed 9-5er, the exhausted parents who need a break, the adventurous travel babe, and every woman in between. Solely Living is taking the confusion out of growing up by helping women create the life they see in their dreams.

Keeping her schedule in order takes a lot of planning and preparation, so here are a few products she uses to make sure she never misses a thing:


1. Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar – I couldn’t function without first creating my calendar for the month. It’s too hard to book events without first knowing when/where else I have to be.

2. AmazonBasics Lightweight Tripod – I take photos almost everywhere I go and sometimes my cell phone won’t get the proper shot. Having this baby in my trunk along with my camera really is a lifesaver when I’m on a time crunch and can’t go back home.

3. Food Storage Containers: Since I’m always on-the-go and like to stay away from fast food, bringing food with me on the road is a must. I can easily pack up leftovers for the next day so I can just grab and go!

4. Journal for My Thoughts: Inspiration hits everywhere and sometimes I need to write it down versus type it in my phone so I keep a cute journal with me for motivation to be more intentional.

5. Envelope Laptop Bag: It’s super sleek and can hold all my essentials. If I’m going to be out for a while, I’ll bring this with my tablet so I don’t fall behind on work.

“The only moment that truly matters is the moment you decide to stop doubting yourself.”

I created this quote because it speaks true to my real life and, I think, so many others. We always dwell on the moments that didn’t work out or that turned out wrong, but the only moment that needs our attention is the moment we start believing in ourselves.

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